Project SN-AFU®
Irreverently Mangles Everything You Know about Projects

Enter an alternate
SN-AFU Universe

Revel in the fine art of Project Bashing

  • Roast Management Idiocy
    • Banish Mindless Bureaucracy
      • Skewer the Stakeholder Zombies
        • Grab the Resources You Need

Be first to take your project over the Finish Line!

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SNAFU means "Situation Normal: All F****d Up" *

• 3 to 6 individual players or teams of 2 play the game
• Politically incorrect card-play drives action on the game board
• You get to be so very wrong in so many ways
• Complete the game in about an hour (4 players)

(* Of course, F****d Up means "Fouled Up." We would never be so crude as to suggest anything else. That would be F****d Up.)

Fake Testimonials

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Free Download - What you need to know

The download is free and the game is complete – you get everything you need

  1. Download the files
  2. Print the cards and game pieces
  3. Cut to size
  4. Print the game board
  5. Play the game

The Details

Print the cards single-sided, black & white - fast and cheap (cards have face images only). For lowest cost, print on paper. Splurge on color for the Game Board and game pieces. Printing directions are provided.

Paper cards work. Cards printed on heavy cardstock are better. But don't waste money on cardstock. Get our cost-effective Game Kit instead.

Want to know more? Visit the Learning Center.

Want pre-printed cards? See the Game Kit.

↓ Download Here ↓

Download the Entire Core Game (zip file < 5Mb). Includes all updates.

-- OR --

View / download individual files (pdf or jpg and < 1Mb):

Core Game cards (all 490 cards are in this file)
Game Board Game Pieces
Game Rules Glossary
Printing Directions Blank Cards
Terms of Use  


Expansion Packs extend the Core Game by providing more cards.

We are not kidding!
The download is free

Project SN-AFU® is distributed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. You are free to use, share and add to the game, but no commercial use is allowed without our permission.

Learn more about the license

Expansion Packs

Expansion Packs extend the Core Game by providing more cards.

  • Shuffle Expansion Pack cards into Core Game card decks
  • All of these files are pdf and under 1Mb.
New Release! SFW Expansion Pack 1

• 155 new cards (90 Answer; 20 Query; 16 each Plan, Do, and SH
• More wacky answers; new player interactions
• Download the expansion pack here

NSFW Expansion Pack 1

• 60 cards


• Adds spice to an already spicy game
• Download the expansion pack here

Certifiable PM Expansion Pack 1

• 70 cards
• Dedicated to serious Project Manager types
• Completely mangles established Project Management concepts
• Download the expansion pack here

Learn more about the game in The Learning Center.

Want something better than paper cards?

We provide the game printed on heavy cardstock for less than it would cost you to do it yourself.

Learn about The Game Kit

Project SN-AFU® is distributed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. You are free to use, share and add to the game, but no commercial use is allowed without our permission.

Learn more about the license

The Game Kit - Only $12 USD
A Cost Effective Way to Get Started!

The Game Kit includes everything you need:

  • 490 black and white game cards printed on durable 110 lb. cardstock
    • Minimal cutting required (just separate the cards)
    • Image on both sides of the card
  • 8 ½" x 11" Game Board (printed in color on 110 lb. cardstock)
  • 6 game pieces
  • Handy storage box
  • Printed Rules and Glossary

Price: Only $12 USD
All products sold only in the USA and Canada

Learn more about the game in The Learning Center.

Get the Game

Concerned about cutting the cards? No worries: Do it the Project Management way: Delegate!

Four players can separate the cards in about 8 minutes with scissors. *

Note: Children can probably do this faster. Just sayin'.

*Scissors not included

More in the Game Store

Expansion Packs extend the Core Game by adding more cards. See Expansion Packs for details.

New Release! SFW Expansion Pack 1: only $6 USD
  • 155 New Cards!

NSFW Expansion Pack 1: only $4 USD

Certifiable PM Expansion Pack 1: only $4 USD
  • For the frustrated Project Manager

Get an Expansion Pack

Introductory Special!

  • Expansion Packs purchased with a Core Game are half price!
  • Offer good until September 1, 2016

More about the Game Kit

We offer the Game Kit at modest cost so that you can easily experience the game. It is a kit because you must manually separate the cards (easy to do – see uncut card strips in game illustration above).

This product is not manufactured in a factory; we produce it by hand and there is a limited supply. This is a temporary measure until such time as we can deliver the real deal (crowdsourcing project in 2017?).

But the cards are durable, the game board is in color and the price is less than you would pay to do it all yourself. So enjoy! And hang onto this first edition. It could become a collectible.

Project SN-AFU® is distributed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. You are free to use, share and add to the game, but no commercial use is allowed without our permission.

Learn more about the license

Project SN-AFU Learning Center

Find the answers to your questions here. All pdf files are <1Mb.

  • About the Game – 2 page summary includes background information and details on game components, including Core Game and Expansion Packs
  • Demo – A slide show that walks you through two rounds of play
  • Glossary – A whimsical look at how project language is irreverently abused in this game. The Glossary provides both standard PM and SN-AFU definitions.
  • Game Rules – Includes both Quick Start and Detailed Rules
  • Learn more about The Game Kit

Still have a question? See the FAQ or ask us here

To obtain the game:

Frequently Asked Questions

If we get a sufficient response to our crowdsourcing effort (2016?), we will have games professionally manufactured, with standard cards, and sell them on this website.
Yes. You can print them, add them to the standard card decks and use them in your games. It is perfectly OK to share them with others. However, you can't use them for any commercial purpose or put our name or logos on them.
We consider all individual cards in the Core Game to be Safe for Work. Nonetheless, it is possible that you will find one or more cards problematic. Well, you can't please everybody. We suggest the following policy: if you don't like the card, don't play the card. You can use blank cards available on our site to create replacements of your own.
Yes, we plan to release at least two additional Expansion Packas during 2016. If we get enough suggestions for new cards, we will release a Fan Expansion Pack as well.
Project SN-AFU is an experiment operating on a shoe-string budget. It takes a considerable up-front investment to produce professionally manufactured games. If we have enough interest to warrant it, a crowdsourcing project will provide that investment.
We supply some blank cards in the Game Kit. Use them to replace any lost cards.
We believe that most people would find them unsuitable for the workplace. See for yourself. They can be viewed here.
For those who purchase The Game Kit this is easy. Cards are delivered as pre-trimmed strips of 4 or 5 cards each. Only one cut is required to separate two cards, and a scissors is adequate for the job. Four players can separate all cards in < 8 minutes.

The downloadable game requires somewhat more cutting, but even here one person can do the whole job in less than an hour. It's a one time thing. And it's free.
For those who purchase The Game Kit, six standard game pieces are included. The downloadable game provides a whole sheet of Game Pieces that you can print and cut out. It is best to print these on heavy cardstock. As an alternative, use game pieces from another game.
We would love to sell to anyone, anywhere, but shipping costs get crazy expensive. If you live outside the USA or Canada, it would likely cost you less to have a print shop print the cards on heavy cardstock.

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Literature about the game (pdf download):

About Us

Project SN-AFU® is a project of CVR/IT Consulting LLC

  • Training and professional services company founded in 2002
  • Focus on Project Management, Business Analysis, Portfolio Management and Project Management Office
  • Onsite training and consulting
  • Courseware available for license
  • Organizational Project Management Maturity Assessments
  • World-class project templates at very low cost
We have promoted humor in Project Management since 2007 (see our PM Humor page). Project SN-AFU® takes our efforts to a new level.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
Project SN-AFU® is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

That means that you can:
  • Create (remix) new cards and game features
  • Translate the game to other languages
  • Put the game in new formats (e.g. online)
  • Freely share what you have done with others
  • You may not use any aspect of the game, including anything new that you create, for commercial purposes without our written permission.
  • You must acknowledge that the game originates from the licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work). In this case, "Project SN-AFU is © 2015 Gary J. Evans:"

Also, DO NOT STEAL OUR NAME OR LOGOS. We would not take such infringement lightly.

This page does not provide a complete description of the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 License. For more details, click here. If you want to do something with the game and you are not certain it is OK, contact us. We don't bite. (much)

We Built This

Imagine: Project professionals all over the world working together to expand and share a game that they can all enjoy.

That is what we had in mind when we released Project SN-AFU®. Through the Creative Commons license, you are free to print and play the game, expand it, share it among yourselves, and make it something truly special.

For our part, we expect to:

  • Keep the game under a Creative Commons license in perpetuity.
  • Periodically add additional expansion packs and other features (e.g. new game boards) to our website.

If we receive sufficient support in our crowdsourcing project (2016?), we will provide professionally manufactured products.

But it is your creativity that will push the game in new directions and eventually create something that we cannot even begin to guess today.

And that is truly exciting.

So get the game. Play it. Create your own cards and morph Project SN-AFU® into something new. Above all, Enjoy!.


New Release! SFW Expansion Pack 1

155 New Cards
  • 90 Answer cards
  • 20 Query cards (plus 10 blanks)
  • 16 each Plan, Do and SH cards
  • Cards in this Expansion Pack are Safe for Work
  • Release date: June 1, 2016

Introductory Specials!

Expansion Packs are half price!
  • Core Game purchase required
  • Limit: two Expansion Packs per Core Game
  • Offer good until September 1, 2016
Laminated Play Mats only $7 (30% off!)
  • Core Game purchase required
  • Limit: one Play Mat per Core Game
  • Offer good until September 1, 2016


  • April 1, 2016: Upped the insanity level of Plan and Do cards. See Free Downloads for the update.

Coming Soon: NSFW Expansion Pack 2

  • More spice for the game!
  • 60 New cards
    • 40 Answer cards
    • 16 Query cards
  • Cards in this Expansion Pack are Not Safe for Work
  • Planned release date: September 1, 2016

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Staples of Wake Forest, NC - Copy and print services
Big Little Robot - Code wizardry; Store front configuration

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